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Refrigeration is one of the leading problems in energy consumption in the world today. Putting huge pressure on global energy resources, cooling units are impacting the environment and businesses alike, and beyond the scale they should be. We know this because we’ve found a product to substantially reduce the energy use of refrigeration units – CUES.

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    High Energy Savings Await

    How do you like the sound of saving up to 33% on refrigeration costs, with a payback period of under 2 years? That’s what CUES has to offer.

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    Reliable, High-Performing Equipment

    Reduce the pressure on your cooling units and therefore increase their performance, extending their operating life with CUES. Download Brochure

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    Pinpoint-Accurate Temperature Control

    Maintain the temperature of your food, not your fridge. CUES accurately controls the only temperature figure that matters!

Efficient refrigeration is a global sustainability priority

Cutting down energy used on unnecessarily cooling the fridge itself, while more effectively maintaining the temperature of food, CUES is the perfect solution for your business.

The Problem With Refrigeration

The job of a cooling unit is to maintain a consistent temperature in a space that has been set by a thermostat. The compressor unit that runs the fridge is therefore cycled on and off to maintain this optimum temperature.

This seems relatively logical, but the reality is that unnecessary volumes of energy are spent cooling nothing but dead space. After all, what really matters – the air temperature in the fridge, or the temperature of the food itself?

In fact, the two are quite different, as is the process of maintaining them. The thermodynamic properties of solid food are considerably different from that of air. This means that, whilst the air in a cabinet may need re-cooling, the food might well not.

Much of the energy used by your fridge is therefore wasted – attempting to keep food cool that is already sat at the desired temperature.

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The CUES Solution

So how does CUES make this process more efficient? CUES is a straightforward, retrofit solution to the problem of over-active refrigeration units, maintaining safe food temperature using much less energy.

This compact, innovative device contains an advanced food simulant that possesses the same thermal characteristics as the typical food product. Installed directly over the incumbent thermostats, the device ensures that food temperature, not air temperature, is the driving force behind your fridge’s cooling process.

The result is longer compressor cycles, but with up to an 80% reduction in frequency. Consequently our clients benefit from substantial energy reductions – up to 33% in many cases. They are also able to more closely and effectively control food temperature, creating benefits in terms of food hygiene and health & safety.

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CUES Explored

To the right, you can see a breakdown of the components of the CUES.

Attentively designed in the UK to perfectly suit its purpose and operating environment, the CUES has a wax-based food simulant is at its core, which works to imitate the thermal properties (such as thermal conductivity and thermal mass) of the food inside your refrigeration unit.

We can even offer the system in two convenient variations to ensure that no matter the size or type of your fridge unit, installation of the CUES will be quick and simple.

To find out more about how CUES could reduce your energy bills, improve equipment performance and reliability, and enhance control of the temperature of your food storage, contact us today..

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  • 33% Average Energy Savings

    Impressive cost savings from the day of installation

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    2 Year Payback Period

    Quick and effective ROI, plus a persuasive business case

  • 100% Compressor Life-Cycle Improvement

    By reducing compressor cycle frequency the unit’s operating life can be doubled

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