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ACES – Air Conditioning Energy Saving

Smart air-conditioning control
to lower energy costs

Air conditioning units are some of the most energy-intensive pieces of technology in existence, consuming over one trillion kilowatt-hours of electricity each year. If you own a business – or even just a building – managing the energy use of your air cons units should be one of your top priorities. After all, in hot climates like the UAE, air conditioning can account for up to 50% of your energy bill. However, there is a solution – ACES.

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    High Energy Savings

    Air conditioning doesn’t have to be expensive. ACES - the Air Conditioning Energy System - could save you up to 35% on your air con costs, providing a return on investment in under two years, plus knock-on benefits for noise control.

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    Reduced Maintenance

    ACES ensures that certain components of your air-con only work when needed, extending your product's life-cycle & reducing maintenance costs. Download Brochure

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    Simple Installation

    ACES is both compact and easy to install, remaining safe throughout its life-cycle. Once the unit is in, you won't need to attend to it again.

Solving the problem of air con inefficiency

Ensuring that you only use the energy needed to maintain a comfortable temperature, ACES is the solution to your energy efficiency and utility budgeting needs.

The Problem With Air-Con

There is a fundamental flaw at the centre of traditional air conditioning technology. Air con systems are designed to lower the temperature of a room by ejecting force-cooled air, lowering and maintaining the temperature. However, the way they do this is not sustainable.

Generally, air conditioning units are switched off by a thermostat or simple programmer. The compressor and fan will run until the target temperature set by the thermostat is reached. This means that the compressor is needlessly running the whole time, using a significant amount of energy.

What’s more, compressors are usually too large for the necessities of their application and a phenomenon called ‘thermodynamic saturation’ causes them to run far past the point of being beneficial to the system…

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The ACES Solution

So what makes ACES different? Instead of running all day on full power, ACES technology effectively addresses the issue of thermodynamic saturation (TS).

Using complex control algorithms and intelligently sensing the temperature of the environment, ACES units detect the exact point where the TS is reached. At this point, it will simply turn the compressor off.

However, the fan is unaffected – it keeps running, making the most of the latent cooling capacity remaining in the compressor coils. As the fan uses an insignificant amount of energy, The fan draws a negligible amount of energy, this barely affects the energy use profile of the air con unit.

If the compressor is needed later to cool the air again, ACES simply turns it back on. All of this is automatic, meaning that your air con is always performing at its Bin Hamdan FZE, but is only consuming energy when needed.

This can reduce energy use by an impressive 35%.

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The Impact of ACES

ACES has a huge impact on your energy outgoings. See the key impact of ACES on the graph to the right.

As the graph demonstrates, introducing ACES into an air-con unit modulates the amount of cold air supplied into the room. However, the ACES never breaches the temperature pre-set on the thermostat or programmer, and the system switches the compressor on and off as required.

As a result, there is a considerable amount of time where the air con can remain active, but without drawing unnecessary amounts of energy from your supplier.

However, ACES technology truly can transform any business’ energy profile.

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Your Air Conditioning Energy Saving unit in numbers

How will installing ACEs save your business money, energy and time? Here’s what you can expect after installing this revolutionary product.

  • Energy Savings

    Significant cost savings

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    2 Year Payback Period

    Rapid, cost-effective ROI in just two years

  • 10-Year Survival

    Very little maintenance requirement after installment

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